5 Simple Ways to Purify Hard Water for Drinking

Hard water is water that contains a lot of minerals, mostly magnesium carbonate, calcium, and manganese. Although not harmful to your health, the minerals in hard water leave behind deposits that can leave a residue on skin and hair, prevent soap from having suds, stain glass and tile, clog drains, make laundry dingy, and affect the functioning of electrical appliances like water heaters. Hard water usually comes from underground sources such as wells where minerals from rocks dissolve in the water. It is these minerals that give water the negative attribute called “hardness”. The level of water hardness is measured in units called grains per gallon (GPG). Water over 3.5 GPG can be considered hard, very hard if more than 10.5 GPG. An American Geological Survey found that 85 percent of homes have challenges with regard to hard water.

Fortunately, there are some relatively simple solutions to combat this problem. The following are methods to purify hard water for drinking.

1) Boil your water – Boiling water removes certain types of hardness so it will not work for all homes, but it is worth a try. Follow these steps:

  • Bring the water to a boil fora few minutes
  •  Let it cool for a couple of hours – the white minerals should settle in the bottom of the pot
  •  Scoop or syphon the top of the water, leaving the minerals
  • An option—before drinking, pour the water back and forth between the two containers to remove the flat flavor.

2) Buy a small ion exchange filter – Models can vary—some come in pitchers for storing drinking water while others can attach to a kitchen faucet. The filter does not actually get rid of most contaminants unless it contains a secondary filter (such as a carbon filter or reverse osmosis). The softened water usually has a better taste. There are also whole house systems containing a mineral tank at the center of the system. The tank usually has some zeolite beads or a small resin that carry a negative charge. Because the magnesium and calcium ions contain a positive charge, they cling to these beads when the water passes through.

3) Reverse osmosis – This involves membrane technology including an Osmotic Membrane Chamber. This chamber has tiny pores which allow water molecules to pass through it removing the minerals. This in a very efficient method for both water purifying and water softening. The downside is the wasting of water during the purification process and the usage of electricity.

4) Solar distillation – Solar distillation works through evaporation and condensation. A solar still can actually be an inexpensive piece of shaped plastic or glass. It works by allowing sunlight to shine through a clear panel onto the water. The water heats and evaporates, then condenses on the underside of the panel and runs off into a container of some kind. This process takes large amounts of energy.

5) Ultraviolet Light (UV) Light – It kills bacteria and viruses. When microorganisms like bacteria and viruses absorb UV light, certain chemical reactions are triggered which kill the organism. For UV to be effective, the treated water must be exposed to the light source for an adequate period of time. Like most methods, UV light alone is not enough and should be considered an adjunct to other treatment forms.

Choose a water softening system that fits your needs. This decision may also rest on the level of water hardness in your area. Remember that it is unhealthy to always consume soft water as the body needs magnesium and calcium to maintain a healthy metabolism. You can always add in correct amount of minerals by employing an alkaline cartridge.

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Free movie streaming apps for android


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Fleck 5600SXT Water Softener: The Best of the Best


When it comes to choosing the perfect water softener for your home, chances are, it would be difficult for you to choose from so many of them. To help with this, WaterSoftenerGuide.com gives you all the important information you need to know about a lot of water softeners. This makes the job so much easier for you, and apart from that, saves you the stress associated to buying the wrong kind of water softener later on. According to WaterSoftenerGuide.com, the best, most consumer-trusted brand of water softeners that they have is the Fleck 5600SXT, and this article aims to explain why, and listed below are its features:


Affordable Price

Unlike other water softening systems which would cost consumers up to several thousand dollars, the Fleck 5600SXT is the best of its kind, as it costs less than $600, but in terms of quality is still on par with other more expensive brands. Furthermore, its cost makes it ideal for small to medium sized homes as well.

User Friendly

                The Fleck 5600SXT is one with great controllability. One feature which makes it stand out is the LCD display, which also has 48 hours of interior power backup capacitor. It also has 4 operation modes, which include immediate meter regeneration, day of week regeneration, delayed time clock regeneration, or delayed meter regeneration, saving you the hassle of checking the product every now and then. Read on about it.

Efficient Water Softening

The system offered by Fleck 5600SXT is one which is intricate. It has a continuous flow rate, solid turbine meter, double backwash capability, bypass valve, backwash filter, softener or filter control valves, auxiliary switches, and a backwash ability which manages to tank 12” for softener applications. A lot of these mechanisms are not present in other softeners, hence making the Fleck 5600SXT stand out from the crowd.

Price is one of the main advantages of this product, as it manages to pull of the task of filtering water without letting you shell out too much cash. On a lot of product review sites, the Fleck 5600SXT is one of the consistently top-rating products, and therefore, is one which you have to avail, should you want to have soft water to use on a regular basis for your home, saving you from the cons of using hard water, and reaping the many benefits of having soft water. Read the latest water softener reviews here.

Does Trampoline Springs Make a Difference?


Without springs, there will be no trampoline. The springs are the ones responsible why players bounce inside the trampoline and the springs at the same time play a big role towards the safety of the bounce. The springs that are being used for trampoline have specifications depending on the size of the trampoline along with the material that it is made of. The usual features include length of spring, diameter of the coil and the spring material. All of these features work altogether in order to make the spring perform in a particular manner.


The science behind the concept of trampoline is actually energy transfer from the springs on to the jumper. The more the spring is stretched then the energy transfer takes a longer time but results to a stronger bounce on to your jump. If the spring is shorter, the energy transfer would be much faster resulting to a quicker but less powerful bounce on the trampoline. That is basically how physics work on trampolines.

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Trampolines with long springs are questioned for durability because they tend to deform easily after several uses. Once they deform, it becomes permanent and the trampoline will have much lesser bounce from then on until eventually there would close to having no bounce at all once all of the springs are deformed. If the manufacturer chooses to go with thicker yet long springs, it would also take too much force out of the jumper just to be able to bend the springs and create a bounce.

The perfect springs for a trampoline are short yet thick springs. It would not take too much effort from the user to play with the trampoline since short springs can easily be stretched. You cannot expect a very high jump out of it but this proves to be much safer for children and amateur use. However, it is still possible to come with a strong bounce if you play the trampoline with friends as your weights will work against each other to put more force on to the springs. The trampoline can also be expected to be of service for a long time since the springs will not be overstretched and eventually deformed due to their thickness. If you intend to buy a trampoline then make sure you choose a design that has short yet thick spring for its function.


The Pros and Cons of Streaming Videos Online


Technology has become so advanced, with many new features coming into our mobile devices today. With manufacturers developing their mobile devices and other gadgets, more popular models have been released, with millions of consumers wanting more. A cool feature that mobile devices now have is the ability to watch videos no matter where they are or when they want to, provided that they have the videos saved into their device. Not only that, but they are also able to stream their favorite movies and television shows online through the use of apps!

ShowBox APK is just one of these apps, able to provide high-quality videos of what you want to watch without the need to pay for anything! Available in all platforms, you can use it whether you have an iPhone, Android smartphone, or even a PC. All you need to do is download the app, and you’ll be ready to watch whatever you want anytime, anywhere, so long as your internet connection allows it.


Streaming videos has many benefits, the first one being that it’s an affordable way to watch your favorite shows. But it does have its cons as well. Here are some of the pros and cons of streaming movies and television shows:


  1. It’s affordable because many of the apps or websites that you stream your videos on are free of charge, or require a minimal fee for unlimited streaming. No need for expensive movie tickets for one film that would cost the same as a registration fee for unlimited streaming!
  2. You have the control of pausing, skipping, or going backward when watching a scene.
  3. There’s no timeframe or schedule you have to follow, unlike when watching in cinemas.
  4. You have the choice to watch whatever you want.
  5. You can watch comfortably at home with no judgment and ultimate comfort. No need to dress up or waste transportation expenses going to the cinema.
  6. Eat whatever you want! There are no rules as to how you should act!


  1. You’ll be cooped up at home, so there’s little social interaction.
  2. You will have to clean your own mess after your movie marathon.
  3. Streaming videos may take long, depending on your internet connection. And it may be difficult finding the one you want to watch.
  4. Sometimes, the videos you do watch have bad quality due to the link you clicked, or because you are only watching it on a small screen.
  5. You’ll be bombarded with a lot of advertisements!
  6. The environment may not be as cozy or enticing as a cinema.

But either way, streaming videos is still a great way to keep you and your loved ones entertained. Have a great time with a movie marathon at home and your favorite shows being streamed in real time with the use of helpful apps like Showbox. You’ll have fun and be able to relax.

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