When it comes to choosing the perfect water softener for your home, chances are, it would be difficult for you to choose from so many of them. To help with this, WaterSoftenerGuide.com gives you all the important information you need to know about a lot of water softeners. This makes the job so much easier for you, and apart from that, saves you the stress associated to buying the wrong kind of water softener later on. According to WaterSoftenerGuide.com, the best, most consumer-trusted brand of water softeners that they have is the Fleck 5600SXT, and this article aims to explain why, and listed below are its features:


Affordable Price

Unlike other water softening systems which would cost consumers up to several thousand dollars, the Fleck 5600SXT is the best of its kind, as it costs less than $600, but in terms of quality is still on par with other more expensive brands. Furthermore, its cost makes it ideal for small to medium sized homes as well.

User Friendly

                The Fleck 5600SXT is one with great controllability. One feature which makes it stand out is the LCD display, which also has 48 hours of interior power backup capacitor. It also has 4 operation modes, which include immediate meter regeneration, day of week regeneration, delayed time clock regeneration, or delayed meter regeneration, saving you the hassle of checking the product every now and then. Read on about it.

Efficient Water Softening

The system offered by Fleck 5600SXT is one which is intricate. It has a continuous flow rate, solid turbine meter, double backwash capability, bypass valve, backwash filter, softener or filter control valves, auxiliary switches, and a backwash ability which manages to tank 12” for softener applications. A lot of these mechanisms are not present in other softeners, hence making the Fleck 5600SXT stand out from the crowd.

Price is one of the main advantages of this product, as it manages to pull of the task of filtering water without letting you shell out too much cash. On a lot of product review sites, the Fleck 5600SXT is one of the consistently top-rating products, and therefore, is one which you have to avail, should you want to have soft water to use on a regular basis for your home, saving you from the cons of using hard water, and reaping the many benefits of having soft water. Read the latest water softener reviews here.

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