Without springs, there will be no trampoline. The springs are the ones responsible why players bounce inside the trampoline and the springs at the same time play a big role towards the safety of the bounce. The springs that are being used for trampoline have specifications depending on the size of the trampoline along with the material that it is made of. The usual features include length of spring, diameter of the coil and the spring material. All of these features work altogether in order to make the spring perform in a particular manner.


The science behind the concept of trampoline is actually energy transfer from the springs on to the jumper. The more the spring is stretched then the energy transfer takes a longer time but results to a stronger bounce on to your jump. If the spring is shorter, the energy transfer would be much faster resulting to a quicker but less powerful bounce on the trampoline. That is basically how physics work on trampolines.

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Trampolines with long springs are questioned for durability because they tend to deform easily after several uses. Once they deform, it becomes permanent and the trampoline will have much lesser bounce from then on until eventually there would close to having no bounce at all once all of the springs are deformed. If the manufacturer chooses to go with thicker yet long springs, it would also take too much force out of the jumper just to be able to bend the springs and create a bounce.

The perfect springs for a trampoline are short yet thick springs. It would not take too much effort from the user to play with the trampoline since short springs can easily be stretched. You cannot expect a very high jump out of it but this proves to be much safer for children and amateur use. However, it is still possible to come with a strong bounce if you play the trampoline with friends as your weights will work against each other to put more force on to the springs. The trampoline can also be expected to be of service for a long time since the springs will not be overstretched and eventually deformed due to their thickness. If you intend to buy a trampoline then make sure you choose a design that has short yet thick spring for its function.


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